The Osbournes, Kardashians, and Sister Wives: Reality TV Love!

When I started brainstorming my post for today, I had originally planned on writing about Lady Gaga. Just a whole blog post about how I’ve witnessed her Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine grow as a fan. Then my thoughts started to wander towards acceptance, judgement and assuming the worse in people’s actions. Then my thoughts jumped from Lady Gaga to The Kardashians and then to The Osbournes and lastly Sister Wives. I know this is a jump and when my daughter reads this she’s going to stop and laugh right here…I know it…but hang in here with me. I promise it’s all going to come together…I HOPE!!!

Here is where I have to admit I am a reality TV junkie. I know there are a thousand of them, but really I’m drawn to shows that are centered on families. Odd families I know, but at the core they are families. I’ve thought long and hard over the years as to why I’m drawn in and the answer I give Ciara is that I’m fascinated by the family dynamics. Some people…and A LOT of people have a core hatred for some of the people on the shows I’ve mentioned. I mean you mention the Kardashians and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find someone that hates them. You bring up polygamy within Sister Wives and most will either think their immoral or INSANE!  What always keeps me going back is that no matter how crazy or different or obscure their lives may SEEM they all have a deep love for their family. Their families are part of who they are!  To see that dynamic I have to let go of assumptions and judgements others make. Some think the Osbournes were just a dysfunctional family who liked to wear black, were all depressed, cursed and drank too much.  Some think the Kardashians serve no purpose on this earth, do nothing to make their money and get rich from taking selfies.  As different (and I mean DIFFERENT) as they are from my family and my faith centered life I choose to look at the core of who they are. What they all have in common is a LOVE for each other and that love gets them through many of the same trials we have.

 People are different, families are different and those differences don’t make them “bad” or “disgusting” or “less Christian” than you or anyone else. We can’t teach our children to respect or love themselves for who they are without teaching them that each and every one of us is different. Differences are good. Differences make this world go around…and differences are what make us truly Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine.  It’s easy to make judgement about stars in Hollywood or music stars on stage…and it’s easy to make judgements about others you encounter behind a close door and out of sight. We all need to remember that our children see and hear these things. It might seem ridiculous to think that us calling out the Kardashians in front of our kids is harmful, but it’s can slowly build a foundation you do not want your kids to carry with them. How will they react when they spend time with friends who’s families differ from ours? They look different, they act different, and they have different routines and different traditions. Does that make them any less valuable to our children? I think not! 

It’s such a hard balance as parents to raise our children with a certain set of beliefs or morals, keep them safe, yet let them experience the difference in others. As a mom I experiences this first hand over and over again. When people would ask me why I didn’t react this way or that way to those that didn’t hold the same set of religious beliefs or moral standards as myself, I’d respond with “it’s not my place to judge…I’m only accountable for my own actions”.  I know I’ve covered this in past post, but again it ties in. I really think the basis of this belief in our home is why those that were “different” or not “fitting in” flocked to my child. She just has a way of making them feel loved at their core regardless of their struggles and their differences from her. 

Friends we have 2 basic fundamental purposes at the SSSP. 1st we are here to teach young girls that regardless of who outside sources and people tell them they SHOULD be, being their authentic self is okay.  Secondly, that loving and accepting others for those same values is key. Teaching them to hold judgement on someone at school. Teaching them to look for the good in others actions and talents. Teaching them that EVERYONE has something to give to this world and that they have talents and abilities that will help them Make Their Mark in this world.

Now to swing back around to my stars of topic… With those thoughts in action, I choose to ignore some of the things that Lady Gaga spouts out of her mouth and focus on her unbelievable music talents. The libertarian in me says that as long as the Sister Wives and their husband aren’t hurting anyone, let them love the way they want to love.  I choose to ignore the fact that Kim Kardashian is a camera hog and loves attention, but is a very hard working business woman and I think much smarter than most people give her credit. We all have our faults, we are all imperfect, but if we focus on the positives in others like  HARD WORK, TALENTS, AND LOVE we’d be a much better example for the kids in this world.  

All My Love, 
Michelle with the Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine Project