Friday, February 9, 2018

No Such Thing as Fashion Crime


Photo Courtesy of: Pixaby

Most girls as much as women have a wide variety a range of ideas of what they like to wear. They wear what's comfortable maybe it's fancy or girlie or athletic as they like what they like and wear what they want to wear. There's absolutely no crime in it. We want to feel pretty dressed up or maybe being dressed down. As little girls we all dressed up wanting to look like a celebrity or maybe it was our mothers. That is where our inspiration came from. As we get older our style changes over time. We explore what's hot and trending in fashion. Some fashion is completely wild and crazy where as others is fun and flirty. There is no end in sight of what's hot or not in fashion. What girl doesn't want to feel and look older or prettier! What is pretty though is what and how you feel most comfortable in. Yes, we all want to explore beyond fashion. It evolves, it sucks us in with vibrant colors, lace, ruffles, fringe, feathers, design and flare.

I was so intrigued with fashion as a teenage and actually thought of getting into it and what it all detailed. The fashion world hit me hard. I was inspired by it as I was already into a variety of industrial programs from art, theater and music. It dawned on me how fashion intertwined with every bit of life whether it was in those fields or not. Now I see fashion as a go to how we can inspire others through our own eyes and what we wear in which represents us. It's much more than seeing a female actress, singer, or entertainer on a magazine cover all dolled up. It's the everyday woman, the girl who has the big dreams and aspirations who want to become lawyers, dancers, doctors, nurses, flight attendants, or whatever it may be. It is how and what we wear that makes us feel pretty and confident inside. That is inspiring. I can honestly say I wasn't always confident in myself or what I wore. Some of the clothes I wore as a kid I wouldn't today. To be completely honest though I was the most awkward kid who stuck out because I wore glasses and didn't have the figure most girls had. It took me years to accept who I am and what I wore. I was picked and teased on, it made me feel insecure and it affected my self-esteem. I felt pressure because of it thinking I had to lose a ton of weight to look and feel pretty to wear prettier clothes. I learned the hard way. It is much more difficult these days, girls and women both see the flashy world through a lens, a camera and social media at their fingertips. That's not real and they feel the pressure to look that way while their trying finding their way in life. Going through adolescences to adulthood is tough. It's not easy and it certainly isn't always about fashion, it’s how we represent ourselves as women. Confidence truly comes from within and most girls in today's society feel that extra pressure to wear certain types of clothing to fit in, into a crowd. I don't like those cliques. 

Photo Courtesy of: Pixaby

Honestly, it comes down to inner self and girls don't know who they can turn to in times learning about their bodies without hearing negativity from social media sources and the industry as it's so into looks and sex appeal. I didn't have that as a kid, social media wasn't a thing. I saw it in magazines and TV commercials glamorizing girls and women. Very thin, skinny women. Clothes were represented in such a way that made girls want to lose weight that didn't need to. It wasn't a healthy way to look at life through a lens. Clothes are to make you feel pretty whether you're skinny, average or plus size. That is what I learned about fashion. Feeling pretty is confident when you are wearing a piece of clothing that is comfortable, something that isn't comfortable that confidence goes into hiding. So, there's no crime in fashion what so ever. It all comes down to our personalities, how you feel in what you wear. Represent yourself for who you are not what a magazine is trying to sell you.  Accepting yourself first is what matters once you find your comfort level all else falls right into place. All girls and all women together need to stick together and inspire one another no matter what they wear, and that too goes for any age. The most uplifting feeling in the world is having someone relate to you on a real level of authenticity, encouraging one another and setting aside the differences of what we wear. It is truly what makes us comfortable in our skin.

by Guest Contributor Shellie Palmer