Think for Yourself

 Guest Contributor: Tamara Sardakowski 

My high school age daughter has begun arguing with me of late about a few things that I thought were no-brainers.  She comes home with the opinions of her teachers and we argue the other side to get her to change her mind or at least be open to another opinion.  This makes me wonder what kind of teaching is being done and I've definitely felt the lack of knowledge in certain areas of history. 

There are so many issues in our lives lately and there are so many differing opinions and differing angles.  As young people grow into adulthood, their thoughts and opinions are manipulated and shaped by events in devious ways.  They are fed information that is not necessarily entirely factual and led to have opinions that agree with teachers, politicians, environmental activist, scientists and so on. Young people are not being educated and allowed to form their own opinions in schools.  Instead, they are being fed propaganda and guided to the most convenient incorrect opinions as good little pawns because their fear feeds the mania that perpetuates the control over most people.

There is a strategy that works well historically, control the narrative, or information to control the people.  Knowledge is power.  The changing of the definition of a simple word used to vilify an opposing viewpoint in public speech creates a weapon to slant people's opinions to the desired point of view.   Unless you know the previous definition of that word, it means what the speaker wants it to mean. Who in this age of fast information would go to the trouble of looking at an old dictionary to find another wording of a definition?  Not many. It’s subtle, but to someone listening for it, it is glaringly obvious.  To someone not educated about these nuances, it appears as not an issue.  But words matter! Actions matter.  You can’t trust everything you hear or read on the internet or from people. 

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.  It takes effort and interest to become educated on any given topic, but it always has.  Learning is hard work. Information is at our fingertips now, and information is still at the library if the internet fails you.  The internet does not have all the information!  Books aren't all on the web and old information is ignored in many cases because it's old, but being old doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong or irrelevant. 

The SSS Project seeks to build up girls because each girl will grow into a woman and each woman is a vital part in the foundation of our society.  We are all connected. Individuals can be their best inside strong families and families are the foundation of our society.  Each person inside a family should try to be a better person, not only for themselves, but for their family because families strengthen individuals and make up the basic building blocks of society.   So ultimately, self-improvement is good for all of us. We all contribute to the whole world in our own small or large way.

This world needs independent thinkers! We all need to use our brains and not just passively accept what is fed to us by a given source of information.  Education doesn't stop when you stop going to school.  Adults keep reading and learning from many sources as we live our lives.  
Be skeptical!  Verify facts! Develop your own opinions based on intelligent research and listen to different sides of issues.  

When someone argues or advocates for an opinion without making the effort to research what the real facts are, it can further someone else's bogus political or monetary agenda.  Be careful to avoid becoming an unthinking pawn with lots of passion but little validation.