5 Ways to Feel More Worthy

 Guest Contributor: Maryanne Katsidis
Also found on Instagram at: @maryannekatsidisart

When we transition from child to teen but not yet in full adulthood, we go through such an array of emotions. What’s interesting about this time is that we start to rebel. Mostly because we are trying to feel more in control.

Often, we begin to shut things out and all of our choices become a burden and even when there is nothing to rebel against, we start to rebel against ourselves.

You might have found yourself starting to feel lonely or isolated.  You start to believe you’re not worthy of being loved, not worthy of receiving attention and care.  Then the sadness arrives.

But guess what? You can do some small things to let all of this go!

Step 1

Start with some journal writing.  This is a fantastic way to get all those emotions out of your head.  It may draw up some tears but so worth it.  All that stuff you’re holding onto needs to be released so you can feel better and lighter.

It might be that you’re feeling like you cry a lot already, but it is always a sign that there is stuff you are ready to let go of. Let it all out, let it flow on the page, write and cry if necessary but make sure you write till every thought is out.  That way it stops swirling around in your head and you will get some clarity.

Step 2

Acknowledge that part of you that feels fearful of being seen. The real you.

It’s so easy to go down the comparison rabbit hole, the one where you look at other people and think you aren’t as good, pretty etc. but you don’t belong there. It is time to acknowledge your strengths.  Again, this might be challenging to find but even the basic things count.  Time to take a long look at yourself.

What do you feel good about within yourself?

It could be something external, it might be a personality trait or maybe it’s about your relationship with others. 

Be sure to write down five things that make you awesome. 

Step 3

Reviewing the list, you just created, how can you begin to let others see more of the great things about you?

Now let’s write down 5 things that you’re not so fond of.  This might make you feel a bit unsettled in your stomach, but it is going to feel better soon, stay with me.

Looking at the list, I would like you to write next to each one why this is actually a blessing. What is good about you being like this?

You might initially say that there is nothing, that it isn’t true.  Everything has a benefit.  Really try to focus on this.  It is meant to be challenging but there is a reason for it.  These are the silly things that are holding you back.  

As an example, you might not like the way a part of your body looks.  Let’s say it’s your stomach.  One of the blessings could be that it is a place where you nourish yourself, the place that helps you not only digest your food but your emotions too.

Did you know that it is where we keep all our self-worth?

Stay with your list, for every negative there IS a positive.

Step 4

Make a list of things that you can do to make yourself feel good.  It doesn’t matter what it is but something that really makes you feel that warm fuzzy feeling.

Once you finish choosing three things from that list you can do every day for the next three weeks. You will find a significant change if you stick with it.

I love to journal, jump on my mini trampoline and meditate every day.  These things make me feel energized calm and happy.

Step 5

Life goes in cycles and we can’t be happy all the time.  It is impossible when we are constantly transforming and growing.  Think of the wheel, what goes up must come down, so it moves forward.

That’s what happens in life.  You are allowed to feel whatever emotion you are experiencing, but like all things it will pass.

The final step is acknowledging and accepting how you feel and letting yourself be supported and loved no matter what.  The things you think are “not good” are actually the best bits about you.

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to suppress the fact I was really creative but because that was different from the other kids and my friends, I tried to hide it.  It has taken a lifetime to get all that back because that’s what I love most about myself and because I do, I now see that other people recognize that too.

You are enough just by being you.  That should be your mantra.  Repeat it over and over daily.