Being Your Authentic Self

 Guest Contributor: Maryanne Katsidis
Also found on Instagram at: @maryannekatsidisart

Do you find yourself taking lots of selfies?

You’re not alone.  Everyone does it to an extent.

Have you ever wondered why that is such a predominant thing in our world?

There used to be a time where people’s self-expression was squashed but that is no longer the case.  In our current day and age free expression is essential and that’s where things get interesting.

When you see influencers and people in social media posing and posting images, did you know that they spend hours shooting and curating their content?

Did you know (and if you look carefully), they are in the same outfit in different posts just in different angles?  That is because they are photos taken from full day shoots, but to the majority of people watching it looks as though they are always taking pictures.  Not true.

But notice the pressure you feel to be involved? That feeling that makes you want to take photos and post them too?  After all they do make it look easy and it looks fun!

When it comes to your photos are you actually enjoying the process, is it your creative out let or is there another reason you feel like you need to do it too? Do you even consider the meaning behind each image?

All of these things are important to consider especially because you are leaving a digital footprint, meaning somewhere in the world these images exist even when you delete them.
It is important to put YOU out there.  The best way to do that is by being real.  Just you, natural real and authentic.

In saying that if modelling (which is ultimately what influencers are) is something you want to explore than go for it, but keep your own unique style.  Your unique identity will be the thing that makes you stand out.  Mimicking what you already see on Instagram and Facebook is not you and will get lost in the mix of all the other people doing that out there.  What about getting to know what is important to you and posting images of that instead.

Remember how you put yourself out in the world is a reflection on how you feel on the inside.  Start there and let things unfold naturally!