Making Your Mark in the World

Guest Contributor: Nadya Carbajal
Have you ever experience being completely aligned with what you are doing, and enjoying so much that time just felt like flying?
Joy and excitement are your internal guidance system to find out your personal mission. Being in the flow is the term that positive psychology gave to an inner state of being connected with your soul,  heart, and mind with all your focus in the action is called being in the zone as well.

Have you ever experience the opposite of being in the flow? think about a time where the time just freeze and every minute felt like an eternity, feelings of inadequacy and resistance and the result left you to feel like that is not for you.
Every person came to this world with a specific purpose your personality, skills, and type of intelligence design to fulfill this specific aim. The way of discovering this call is by following what gives you the most joy in life, what makes you feel that time flies and makes you feel like you are good at what you are doing.

The "why" you do, what is behind, what is the reason will separate you from doing something that takes you out of the flow that makes you feel like you are not good enough from the amazing sensation of fulfilling your mark in the world. finding out the why will allow you to fulfill your purpose and use all your abilities and personal experiences in practice to serve others and have a magical life where every day to get in the zone.

A very helpful tool to find out what is your calling is remembering what you use to do more as a child, what was your favorite game, what kind of activity where you more drown into it. Another very helpful tool is writing down everything that you enjoy doing and from to 10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) assign a number.

I have known quite some time ago that my calling in this world was listening to people and being able to work together with my clients to be the best version of themselves.