I Refuse to Body Shame Myself Anymore!

Hey there Sparklers!

In June I made the decision that I needed to become physically healthier.  I realized that I had let myself eat more junk food and I wasn’t exercising anymore.  I gained a substantial amount of weight, and I felt lethargic, sad, and anxious all the time.  As I have been eating healthier and working out, I have struggled with body shaming myself!  In the past I always thought that it was awful when people body shamed those around them and I always wanted to defend people who were body shamed.  Last week I became very frustrated with not losing as much weight as I wanted to lose.  I kept telling myself I wasn’t working hard enough, I was eating too much, I was eating badly, I would never lose the weight that I wanted to lose.  I did this until I had a breakdown at the end of the week.  That is when I realized that I was body shaming myself and creating a destructive mental state for myself!  

It is never a bad thing to push yourself in healthy ways.  It is ALWAYS bad to put yourself down though.  When you start to insult yourself and stop believing yourself, you lose the ability to succeed in whatever you are doing.  The first step in achieving any goal is learning to accept yourself for your abilities AND limitations.  Set realistic goals, and timelines to achieve those goals.  Also, if you don’t reach your goals you cannot get down on yourself.  Instead of getting down on yourself, evaluate why you didn’t reach your goals.  I made the mistake of getting down on myself instead of evaluating myself.  That led to me not having energy or desire to keep pushing and I fell even farther behind on my goals.  This week, I had to start fresh with new goals, and a new more positive mindset.
Ladies, we all need to be proud of who we are, and if we decide a change needs to happen in life, we need to be proud of what we are doing to make those changes!  Never get down on yourself for making a change.  I chose to lose weight and get in better shape.  I am proud of who I am, and I am proud of myself in the progress I have made.  I refuse to body shame myself anymore in this process.  I hope that all you beautiful ladies out there choose to stay positive when trying to make changes in your lives.  Whether you want to lose weight, a new job, or whatever your goal is, do not shame yourself and your efforts!  Make goals, make timelines, and evaluate your efforts.  Stay positive and optimistic. 
I love you all and I believe in your efforts to make changes in your life! 
Stay sparkly,