Guest Contributor: Tetu Githua

For the longest time since I can remember I’ve always wanted to have a different body type.  Going through magazines and watching shows on TV, there were always girls that looked prettier, happier and seemed to have everything going for them.

I even got into my twenties and still wanting to be a different girl! You would think growing up would lessen the insecurities but for me they just grew. I got to the point I would eat everything in sight and not gain that perfect hour glass shape. I even prayed about it and as soon as I’d at least gain a little bit of weight, I’d shed it right off!

It bothered me too much to the point; I couldn’t focus on anything else. I only wanted to be my kind of perfect. It did not happen. It’s only when I got tired and realized that I was done, that I did get inner peace. I started to ask myself, with the body I have, was there anything I was lacking? I couldn’t pinpoint anything that was amiss due to not having the “perfect body”.

From time to time, we girls have our days that we feel we are not comfortable in the skin we are in. On those kinds of days, I treat myself and make myself feel better. I realized something, every other person out there, doesn’t care what you look like. It only matters what you think!

If you decide to love yourself the way you are and not let anybody put you down, that’s how everyone else will take you. The secret is you hold the power, you and only you! All you have to do is hold your head up high on those days you don’t feel up to it.

You don’t have to let everyone in on how you are feeling, just look calm and unruffled. 

Realize you are the worthy of all the good that comes to you; that life is much more than that perfect body. Always choose to focus on the great things that you have. Never let anybody tell you otherwise because if you believe it, everybody else will too.

If your friend is struggling with their body image, remember to compliment them on the great qualities they possess. Always ask yourself, do your body insecurities make you miss on anything? If the answer is no and it should always be, go out and be the best version of yourself because can nobody take that away from you!