Operation Restore Love

When it comes my turn to write for the blog I occasionally struggle with thinking of a prompt so I hit up the most useful website known to man; Pinterest. After searching for self-love and self-reflection writing prompts (Pinterest has A LOT of great ones), I decided on this one; What does love mean to you? How do you show these emotions and actions to yourself?

This topic spoke to me since I am still in the dazed newlywed stage of my marriage, and from the combination of finding the love of my life and just growing up in general, my personal definition of what love is has evolved so much. 

Obviously, the love I have towards my husband, my parents, my friends, and those I serve is a little different from each other. Even though the kind of love I have for them varies from one another, it all still roots from the same fundamental basis; LOVE!

As I am figuring out right now, love is hard to explain in words, but if I had to make my own definition in this moment it would be; a strong feeling of gratitude and appreciation for someone so much that is influences your existence. When I look at my husband, my mom, my best friend, etc my feelings of love ultimately circle around being grateful for their existence, and I realize that if they weren’t around my life would be greatly interrupted because a part of them is always with me. 

The second part of the writing prompt is interesting, how do you show these emotions and actions to yourself? Like I have said before many times, sometimes I feel I show a lot of love to myself and other times I struggle in that department of my life. It is like a constant roller coaster. If I apply the definition of love I created above to how I treat myself, I sadly must say I fall below average more times than not. During good times I come to accept myself and my body, but I don't think I remember a time where I truly had gratitude and appreciation for myself. That makes me really sad to realize maybe I haven’t every truly loved myself like I thought I had. Sometimes it is hard to know that we have been lacking something until we sit down and break down the concept into simple definitions, like I did just here to the word love. 

I am glad I chose this prompt because it really gave me a perspective into how I treat and view myself. It gave me a new goal. A goal to love myself in the same way that I love my husband, my mom, my family, and my friends. With this being said, I challenge you to break down your personal definition of love and evaluate how your definitions aligns with your self-love. Inspired by some great memories, I call this “operation restore love.” Will you restore love to yourself with me?

With Love,
Ciara Mosquito