Be Patient With Yourself!

Hey Sparklers! 

Let me tell you, since my last blog post life has been CRAZY busy with both positive and negative events. I feel like I have been pulled in fifty million directions and have had to wear many different hats. One moment I am wearing the hat of “fiancé” as I plan my wedding, and maintain my relationship with my fiancé. Some days I am wearing my Executive Director hat for SSS, and unfortunately I have had to wear the hat as daughter as I dealt with my Father’s passing. Sometimes I feel like I am wearing all those hats at once or not enough of them, while other days it felt like I could never take the hat(s) off (even when I sleep).

It may sound like I am complaining, but each hat has taught me so much. Most of all, these experiences made me realize that I am so much stronger and can take on so much more than I ever realized. It made me fully realize the concept that I am only one person. I feel like that concept takes us a lot longer to master than it should. 

There were times I could only physically wear one hat, even though I felt like I should be wearing three others. You know what? That is perfectly okay. Sometimes life is out of our control, and when that happens we must learn the importance of prioritizing. One must accomplish what is most important then work on the rest. When my father died my time had to be directed towards that, which meant sometimes I had more dishes in my sink than I would like or that I couldn’t do all of my work for SSS. I had to learn that it’s okay. SSS will still be there the next day, and so will those dishes! HAHA

I was lucky to have friends and family wear those various hats when I couldn’t. All but one person was patient and beyond understanding when I was juggling all these things. You know who that person was? Me. I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t trying hard enough or with feeling like I could be doing so much more. Through lots of prayer, encouragement, venting, and sometimes crying sessions I realized that I am doing all that I can physically and mentally do. Life has since calmed down and I have been able to hang up a few of those hats. I am sure one day I will have to slip on multiple hats again, but when that happens I’ll have more patience with myself. 

I am glad to be wearing my favorite hats again and to resume normal life. I can focus my attention to SSS again and am so excited to bring to life the ideas I have been accumulating in my mind for months.  Stay tune for some exciting things coming up this summer for SSS!
With Love,
Ciara Ann