Change Starts From Within

 Guest Contributor: Adrienne Dunbar

I’ve spent twenty-five years on this planet with a good twenty-something of them thinking that I just wasn’t good enough. That I wasn’t pretty enough or thin enough or smart enough or this enough, or that enough. But the truth is that I just wasn’t listening to the right people.

One day something clicked and I realized that I’m never going to be enough anything for the wrong people. There’s always going to be people that don’t like me and that’s OK. There’s always going to be people that think I’m this and people that think I’m that.

BUT there’s also going to be people that think I’m perfect just the way I am. The ones that think I’m beautiful, funny, brilliant, vibrant, and astonishing. The ones that accept me after I lose a little weight, or gain a little weight. The ones that don’t even notice what size I am because they see much more than just that.

Those are the people I want in my life. The people that accept my flaws, and acknowledge that nobody is perfect. The people that will go along with my crazy ideas, and support my dreams no matter how big or ambitious they may seem. The ones that pick me up when I’m down, and most importantly the ones that read all the way to here because they truly care what I have to say.

I’ve spent twenty-five years on this planet, twenty-something of them questioning why the hell I was here. Now I plan on spending the next twenty plus something living my life to the fullest. No more questioning if I’m good enough because I already know that I am. I’m good enough to me and that’s perfectly fine. I’ve only got one chance to live this life and I don’t plan on spending any more time questioning whether or not I’m this or that.

Change starts from within so that’s exactly where I’m starting. It’s time to start talking to myself like I would talk to someone I love.