The Struggle Is Real

How many times have you thought to yourself I am ugly, no good, I am worthless? Do you feel like you aren’t good enough? Would you rather disappear than shine bright? With all of my heart I believe that the fear of being inadequate isn’t at all our biggest fear. I think that our deepest darkest fear, what we are afraid of most is that we are powerful beyond our own comprehension.

Each of us possesses a light within that is far more frightening than the darkness. We think to ourselves “Who am I to think that I am powerful? I would be foolish to claim that I am brilliant, talented, gorgeous & unstoppable.” The absolute truth is you are fooling yourself that you are not. You are a human being made to illuminate! You were created from greatness for greatness. You playing like you are small does not serve your purpose for the world around us. There is nothing enlightened by dimming your shimmer so that others won’t feel insecure around you. We are all made to shine, as all children do. We were created with the purpose to manifest the glory of the Greatness that is within us. This purpose isn’t just for the selected, it is in everyone.

When we claim our own light and allow it to shine bright we unconsciously give permission to those witnessing to do the same. As we become liberated from our own anxiety, our presence automatically liberates others.

-Written by Christi Michelle Weiss Body Image Coach